Blazer Blazer / Broadway Brats

R.I.P. Jeb Million / Milne

On Wednesday 11 September 2013 Jeb sadly passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.

Jeb had been successfully building up his club Witzend Live in Venice, Los Angeles over the last few years bringing together many acts to perform there.

Please visit his Witzend Live Facebook page where you can read the many tributes left by the people who came to know and love Jeb. 



Fury, Blazer Blazer and Broadway Brats


This site is a tribute to the bands fronted by Canadian singer Jeb Million from the mid 1970's to the early 1980's.

FURY featuring (l to r) Jeb Million, Nik Headon, Derek O'Neil, Steve Barnacle





BLAZER BLAZER featuring (clockwise from left Derek O'Neil, Nicko McBrain, Jeb Million, Steve Barnacle









BROADWAY BRATS featuring (l to r) Carlo Villa, Ian Richardson, Jeb Million, Adrian Smith, John McBurnie